Biomedical: a Tale of Two Doctors

Note: This post originally appeared on my old site, and was published on December 27, 2012.

In the days since receiving a diagnosis, and in the weeks since I suspected that something was wrong, I’ve done a bit of research on treatment options.  I (we) decided that we’d give the biomedical (integrative medicine) approach a whirl.  I contacted two doctors on the night before Christmas Eve, not expecting to receive a response until after the holiday.  The “small town” doctor replied to my questions the next morning, and has personally answered additional correspondence.  Although his practice usually sees patients age seven and up, he makes exceptions for cases such as ours.

The big deal, big city doctor send a brief response to tell me to call his office, even though I’d already supplied them with my telephone number.  To be fair, he does have two separate offices and I’m sure he was enjoying his holiday.  He’s also highly qualified.


Initially I thought that I’d really struggle about where to take our son to pursue this course of treatment, but this situation has made it easy.  When it comes to medical care, there may be alternatives that aren’t as highly publicized on the web, that may also be close to home, and at a provider covered by one’s insurance policy.  Plan B has quickly become Plan A.


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