Our Boy: An Update


This is a photo of the terrible, awful haircut that I inflicted on our sweet boy. We had to buzz his hair off and it is now about an inch and a half long. Our Boy seems happy with his new cut. He used to feel his hair quite a bit and I’d always assumed it was of some sensory comfort to him. Now I think it was more of an annoyance!

We have a praise! The results of his sleep deprivation EEG came back normal. No seizures! In other medical news, Our Boy and I will be going to the biomedical doctor on Wednesday to discuss his GFCF diet and our other options. I am so thankful that we found a local doctor that works with autistic patients and responds to web inquiries on Christmas Eve!

Some of you may be wondering: how bad is Our Boy’s autism? After all, it’s a spectrum. Where on that spectrum is he? The answer is that it’s too early to pinpoint and it doesn’t matter to us as we seek to get him as much help as we can. As always, we appreciate your prayers!


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