Our Boy and His Food.

Our Boy loves food.  Until recently, his favorite of favorites was macaroni and cheese or a big plate of spaghetti with cheese on top.  He has “yummy yummed” and hummed and nearly cheered his way through many a meal.


Today I made a phone call.  And I got news that I was somewhat prepared for but kinda hoped that I wouldn’t get.

After a visit to a local biomedical doctor, Our Boy was placed on a very strict diet: no grains, no dairy, no eggs, 80% veggies.  While you’re at it, take these vitamins & supplements to start.  I had hoped to go back to the GFCF diet after the results of his blood work came in. I called today to be sure that I wasn’t feeding him something that could overload his system and result in a severe allergic reaction.  This list doesn’t include the things that were listed as a moderate to low risk, only the Big Baddies: those that are in red ink and listed as AVOID.


ALL Dairy

Eggs (yolks and whites)


Brewer’s yeast

And contrary to some misconceptions, YES, a little bit WILL hurt.  I’d write more, but honestly, I’ve spent my morning reading, researching, paying a few bills and spending too much time in Autism Land (which is only a teeny step from Panic & Anxiety Land). So, when Curious George ends, we are making our way out into the great outdoors.  We will try not to blow away.


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