I live in a rich nation, with lots of taxes and lots of greedy little bureaucrats.  I worked for the government for over a decade. A large part of that decade was spent working with money for the public education system.  For some time, I took classes with the end goal of becoming a teacher. What a way to make a difference in a life! What a way to help change the world!

However, as I began to see exactly how much money was involved and that big chunks were going to suits that sat behind a desk, I began to suspect that it really was more about money than anyone cared to let on.  I even reached a point that if I had achieved my goal of obtaining a degree and becoming a teacher, I would have cut my pay “in twain”. So I put college on hiatus and in the meantime gave birth to our son, who I planned to keep out of “the system”. 

Now, I find myself in an awkward position: being too broke to pay for private therapies long term and a private preschool because we are being taxed to pay for “the system” and so some suits can sit behind a desk (among other things). Oh, we’re broke enough that I could turn to another “system” and get a bit of help robbing Peter to pay Paul.  It really is quite a seductive thing that Nanny government has going on.

And in the middle of all my opinions and thoughts is a little boy who needs all the help that we can give him so that he can live a full and productive life as an adult.  Meanwhile, I’ll be praying for a miracle before August.


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