“Official” Progress.

I had a meeting with the officials assigned to work with us in our state’s early intervention program today. I have to admit that I haven’t been looking forward to it. It isn’t easy to see your child through someone else’s eyes. It also isn’t easy to hear their thoughts and opinions on public school, while keeping your opinions to yourself.

As is usually the case with something I dread, it wasn’t a list of the goals I’d failed to achieve with Our Boy, but instead a glowing review of the progress our OT has seen in him. Of the list of goals I mentioned when we entered the program in January, we’ve achieved all but two-functional communication using signs, words or cards and using a utensil for the duration of a meal for most meals. We lost a good amount of the progress we’d made in Our Boy’s communication while under the ST provided by this program. In hindsight, I wish that we had kept him in private therapy. BUT we were able to get back into private therapy and although we couldn’t get his original therapist again our current therapist is working out quite well. Continue Reading


Because a “Honey Do” List is Better Than a “NagYoHoneyThon”.

Awhile back, I rattled off a few things to my husband that needed to be tackled around the house by someone much manlier than I. In his defense, we were outside at the time and I know I was thinking out loud. Then we had to convince our toddler that leaving pool time for bath time wouldn’t be so horrible. We won that battle and life continued at a fast pace with its usual tasks and distractions.

So today, when I went outside to play with Our Boy for the first time since the start of The Deluge, the yard was looking more like a jungle and less like its usual less-than-perfect self. When I factored in the various small tasks that I knew we needed to finish in order to reach my painting goals before the start of cold weather, I was sorely tempted to “get my nag on”. I texted my Manly half from the backyard (“The grass is tall!”) and was starting to think of how long it had been since I’d mentioned A to him, or B and even E! Why hasn’t he already finished task D?! And then I stopped myself.

Because I’ve been the Queen of Nagging before, and it didn’t end well.

Because I don’t want to be that person again.

Because I don’t want Our Boy to hear me talking that way, or seeing My Angry Texting Face.

Because Proverbs, and therefore God, says it’s not a good idea.

We had gone inside to have lunch, when I remembered all the times my Manly half had said: “I really need to make a list”. Or “Will you make me a list?” And all the times that I refused to be the woman who made a “honey do list”. But, hey. I figured a “honey do list” beats a “NagYoHoneyThon” any day.

So I made a list. I put extra hearts on it. And now he can be reminded of what he promised to do, finish it when he wants, and I don’t have to be a Nag.


(Posted with permission from My Honey.)

An Update.

I haven’t posted in awhile, and I wanted to take a few minutes to note Our Boy’s progress. Not just for everyone else, but for myself on the hard days.

He S-A-N-G. Not an entire song, just a couple of “I love yous” with his father, who was singing while washing dishes. Our Boy was in the living room. I heard it from the bathroom and although I yelled, “Did you hear that?!” My husband didn’t hear me.

He I-M-A-G-I-N-E-D. I was cleaning before our dinner guest arrived on Wednesday and Our Boy found the hollow tube from his bubble wand on the floor in my room. I have no idea when it arrived to lurk under the window (and on top of the heater) but he found it, sucked air through it, loudly smacked his lips and said, “Ahhhhhh!” I’m certain that he imagined he was drinking Sprite or some other bubbly beverage.

He’s been talking. Not always clearly, but more frequently. While helping my father with his computer, Our Boy plopped in front of me when I knelt on the floor to check the power cords. I said, “Oliver! What are you doing? I can’t see!” He scooted to my left, sat up and very matter-of-factly informed me that he was “Happing (helping) Papaw.”

He K-I-S-S-E-S. For awhile, I only got kisses from Our Boy at church. Today he woke me from a nap by grabbing my chin, turning my head and kissing my cheek. We’ve begun to get hugs every now and then as well.

He socializes. Our Boy really interacted with Wednesday’s dinner guest. He made eye contact with him, shook his hand, brought his copy of “Goodnight Moon” to him to read, was very interested in his phone and keys, and made numerous trips to interrupt our card game in the kitchen to see if he was still there.

All without sending him to a preschool classroom or daycare.