An Update.

I haven’t posted in awhile, and I wanted to take a few minutes to note Our Boy’s progress. Not just for everyone else, but for myself on the hard days.

He S-A-N-G. Not an entire song, just a couple of “I love yous” with his father, who was singing while washing dishes. Our Boy was in the living room. I heard it from the bathroom and although I yelled, “Did you hear that?!” My husband didn’t hear me.

He I-M-A-G-I-N-E-D. I was cleaning before our dinner guest arrived on Wednesday and Our Boy found the hollow tube from his bubble wand on the floor in my room. I have no idea when it arrived to lurk under the window (and on top of the heater) but he found it, sucked air through it, loudly smacked his lips and said, “Ahhhhhh!” I’m certain that he imagined he was drinking Sprite or some other bubbly beverage.

He’s been talking. Not always clearly, but more frequently. While helping my father with his computer, Our Boy plopped in front of me when I knelt on the floor to check the power cords. I said, “Oliver! What are you doing? I can’t see!” He scooted to my left, sat up and very matter-of-factly informed me that he was “Happing (helping) Papaw.”

He K-I-S-S-E-S. For awhile, I only got kisses from Our Boy at church. Today he woke me from a nap by grabbing my chin, turning my head and kissing my cheek. We’ve begun to get hugs every now and then as well.

He socializes. Our Boy really interacted with Wednesday’s dinner guest. He made eye contact with him, shook his hand, brought his copy of “Goodnight Moon” to him to read, was very interested in his phone and keys, and made numerous trips to interrupt our card game in the kitchen to see if he was still there.

All without sending him to a preschool classroom or daycare.


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