Because a “Honey Do” List is Better Than a “NagYoHoneyThon”.

Awhile back, I rattled off a few things to my husband that needed to be tackled around the house by someone much manlier than I. In his defense, we were outside at the time and I know I was thinking out loud. Then we had to convince our toddler that leaving pool time for bath time wouldn’t be so horrible. We won that battle and life continued at a fast pace with its usual tasks and distractions.

So today, when I went outside to play with Our Boy for the first time since the start of The Deluge, the yard was looking more like a jungle and less like its usual less-than-perfect self. When I factored in the various small tasks that I knew we needed to finish in order to reach my painting goals before the start of cold weather, I was sorely tempted to “get my nag on”. I texted my Manly half from the backyard (“The grass is tall!”) and was starting to think of how long it had been since I’d mentioned A to him, or B and even E! Why hasn’t he already finished task D?! And then I stopped myself.

Because I’ve been the Queen of Nagging before, and it didn’t end well.

Because I don’t want to be that person again.

Because I don’t want Our Boy to hear me talking that way, or seeing My Angry Texting Face.

Because Proverbs, and therefore God, says it’s not a good idea.

We had gone inside to have lunch, when I remembered all the times my Manly half had said: “I really need to make a list”. Or “Will you make me a list?” And all the times that I refused to be the woman who made a “honey do list”. But, hey. I figured a “honey do list” beats a “NagYoHoneyThon” any day.

So I made a list. I put extra hearts on it. And now he can be reminded of what he promised to do, finish it when he wants, and I don’t have to be a Nag.


(Posted with permission from My Honey.)


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