A Homeschooling Pep Talk for Autism Moms.

We made the decision to homeschool our son, and withdrew him from the public school. Kindergarten is definitely not what it used to be, and he needs a different sort of focus at this time in his life. The decision to homeschool wasn’t an easy one to make, so I decided to post my pep talk here for the days that I need it, and I hope that it may be helpful for some of you, too.

Keep the Goals the Primary Focus.

I withdrew him from school with the intent to work on some very specific goals on the personal skill and academic level. Mastering the personal skills will make his life easier at home, and if he returns to school next year. Improving motor skills and creativity will enable him to participate in academic activities at home, school, and church. If he does have creative goals, I want him to have the tools to make those happen.

Assume he’s listening when it looks like he isn’t.

He takes in so much. It doesn’t always seem like it in the moment, but it usually reveals itself later. My role is to communicate to him clearly, and to respect who he is as an individual.

The Schedule will change. So will The Plan.

The Schedule will need to change to accommodate our needs. It exists to help my son transition successfully from thing to thing during our day. The Plan will also need to change from time to time.

You are not alone.

Many people have come along side us to help our son on this journey, and I expect we’ll meet many more in the future. Although I am the primary, teaching adult in the house, the internet is a wealth of information for making contact with any number of experts who can help us when we run into a problem.

Eliminate the distractions.

Distractions have a way of creeping up on me. Checking a text can quickly become precious time lost on the internet that could be better spent on anything else. Chasing rabbit trails on Pinterest in a quest for the perfect activity won’t help us meet our goals. Planning to check my phone, or to read, or plan at specific times during the day will help to keep me focused and keep panic at bay.

Watch me.

Pinterest quests and tumbles down deep, dark rabbit holes are most likely to occur when everyone else has gone to bed. It just needs to be good enough, not perfect, and I need to sleep in order to function. Too much coffee and too little sleep does not a happy mom make. When I can’t sleep, pray.

Most importantly, enjoy. We’ll only have this year once, and then it’s gone forever. Our tomorrow’s aren’t promised, and it’s important to me that if I died tomorrow, my children wouldn’t remember me as a strict, teaching parent, but as a loving one.


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