About The Barefoot Theologian

Hello, and welcome!


Photo by my youngest, during our long lasting kitchen remodel

When I started this blog back in 2013, I initially thought I’d write helpful reviews, and branch into matters of theology. However, the older I get, and the more I learn, the more I realize how very little I actually know! 🙂 I took a hiatus from public writing while trying to balance the realities of having a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and what was, at the time, a very high risk pregnancy.

These days, I have two autistic children, and when you stop by this little corner of the internet, you can find book reviews, thoughts on caregiving, and whatever else I think up. What you won’t find are many in depth discussions about, or a revealing of, the details of my children and their diagnoses. I will share helpful resources, but I’ve decided that their privacy is worth preserving. I hope that you will find something that encourages you on your journey, or that is helpful for you and/or your family!

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